The LeaderShift: How to Discover, Engage, & Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Room: Venetian Ballroom
  • Session Number: KN1
Sunday, June 24, 2018: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
/ CPE Credits:1.5


Dan Schawbel
Millennial Career & Workplace Expert


As a Millennial leader, mentor and researcher, Dan Schawbel has dissected the cultural, technological and economic drivers that make these generations different. After surveying thousands of Millennials, and Generation Z’s, from across the world, he’s uncovered essential information about their workplace needs, learning habits and leadership styles, that will impact companies now and in the future. With Gen Z’s entering the workplace, and Millennials moving up to management positions, your company cannot afford to ignore both generations who will comprise over half of your workforce by 2020. This presentation will help you win the battle for talent, ensure that they remain productive workers and become the future leaders of your company.


Learning Objectives

• The unique characteristics of Millennials compared to older generations, debunking the myths and explaining the realities.
• Why technology, and remote work, has made Millennials feel more isolated and lowered engagement despite the perceived benefits.
• The 4 factors of employee engagement for creating a high performing and healthy corporate culture.


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